Federated Analytics, Amplified Intelligence

Better ideas through exploratory data analysis

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Smart data

Discover new perspectives from connecting your data to existing open data.

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Powerful analytics

Use our algorithms and visualizations or create your own to use across multiple databases.

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Better ideas

Evolve your understanding to guide thoughtful decisions.

Perform broad spectrum analysis

Visualize data and relationships from every angle to bring hidden patterns to the surface. Discover new perspectives by connecting siloed data and creating a holistic view.

Connect fragmented data effortlessly

Seamlessly transform large scale disparate data sources in to a meaningful and coherent data model. Integrate fragmented thinking to discover the potential of connected data.

Access a social data network

Expand upon existing conclusions and knowledge by leveraging our unique, data-centric recommendation engine. Recommendations update based on context and provide easy access to the most useful information from neighboring data sets.

Customize to your needs

Tailor the tool to your needs to uncover endless possibilities. Semoss gives you access to cutting edge updates that add new algorithms and visualizations contributed by the open source community.

Get Started

Interested in learning how SEMOSS can be applied? We have put together a couple of use cases walking through the ways SEMOSS can help you look and think about data differently. Take a look!