Context Aware Analytics

SEMOSS allows users to quickly load data and explore its surrounding context in order to ask the right questions and discover the right answers.

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Explore Data
SEMOSS is a revolutionary platform to explore data and uncover deep connections through multiple "steps" of analysis

Uncover Connections
Identify multi-dimensional transitive relationships that allow you to harness intelligence in the connections.

Big Picture to Actionable Insights
SEMOSS facilitates data analysis from a big picture "30,000" foot view, provides aggregation opportunities, and then drills into specifics.

Graphical-value with Spreadsheet support
SEMOSS supports visualizations from a graphical perspective as well as through spreadsheets.


Thank you for your interest in SEMOSS! We have created a powerful data-driven analytics tool that is "context aware" - this means that we enable analysis of data synchronized with how the mind thinks. We have built a platform for knowledge mining of qualitative data that is unsurpassed by any tool on the market; this is made possible through the RDF data format using W3C standards and the SPARQL query language. We invite you to explore, use, and even develop on our software platform. We've identified applications across the spectrum of value delivery, from supply chain analytics to finance and cost savings analytics. On a daily basis, we are inventing new ideas for this powerful tool and hope you will share our desire to continue to innovate. We've devoted the "solutions" section of our website to exploring and explaining how users deploy the SEMOSS analytics platform.

We decided to release SEMOSS open source and are encouraging a strong and vibrant developer community. If this is something you are interested in participating in, please sign up for our listserv on the right. Additionally, please contact us with any questions or feedback at

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